Thursday, July 12, 2007


Betty Butterfield is a southern talkin' momma, an overweight, prescription drug-addled, chain-smoking, tongues-speaking woman of the Lord. Her mission in life is to find the church of the Christian faith which caters best to her needs. She knows that she is devout; it would seem that she is just not sure who to be devout with. Betty has visited them all looking for something that clicks - Mormon, Pentecostal, Quaker, Roman Catholic, Scientologist...the list goes on. She has yet to find something that quite meets her stringent criteria, which would include the attire of the congregation at large and parishioners who will bring a casserole round to your trailer when you are feeling a little under the weather. Ms Butterfield is rather ill-equipped to deal with life beyond her front porch...particularly should she run out of Xanax. She has trouble with her monthlies, is the widow of a monster and simply can't figure out those supermarkets. All in all, her tool belt of life is pretty sparsely stocked.

Oh...and it's a man.

Or at least, Betty is played by a sunglass-bedecked man in smeared red lipstick. He goes by the name of Chuck Knipp; himself apparently a practicing Quaker...and homosexual. Think Divine and John Waters.

It is all delivered in a direct to camera monologue, a la this new fad for YouTube vlogging (such a terribly ugly word). It's worth a shufty...Betty can be very (unintentionally, for Betty at least) amusing, coming out with such gems as:

"I have got to quit smoking. Oh my God, it's got to the point now to where I go to church and start speaking in tongues and wheezing at the same time".

Your best bet is probably just to type her name into YouTube, however there is a website which archives many of her video rants. That's at:

(But the videos come up in tiny Quicktime least they do on my PC...I may be missing something with regards how to enlarge them; I am not exactly a technical genius!).

You can also read more about Betty's creator Chuck Knipp, should you wish to, at:

There you will find that Knipp also has a more famous creation, a cousin perhaps to Ms Butterfield, named Shirley Q. Liquor. I'm afraid I don't kow much about this one, other than that Knipp 'blacks up' and drawls in a southern cotton-picking kind of way. It all sounds a bit controversial for my liking. I'll stick with Betty.


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