Saturday, May 31, 2008

Free album: Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

I'm not here to talk about the album in the picture above, but when I found this image online, I just couldn't resist posting it! You really can buy this CD...if you don't believe me, or are desperate to get your hands on a copy for the little'un, go here (where you can also get 'lullaby renditions' of The Ramones, Nirvana, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica, amongst others!).
What I am really here to mention is Nine Inch Nails' latest digital release The Slip, a full-length (43:45 minutes), 10 song, FREE album download. It was unleashed on May 5th, but I have been tardy, since downloading it, in getting around to actually listening.
The release is both free in the pecuniary sense, and also DRM-free, released under a creative commons licence. Whilst the mp3s (and a zip file, if you want the lot) are posted below, should you want the music in higher quality (flac lossless and high def, m4a lossless, 24/96 WAVE) then you should head across to the website and download it from there. You are also encouraged, if you are far more technologically advanced and musically talented than the likes of me, to remix the songs by going here.
I like The Slip. The quality of the tracks is great, particularly by comparison with the majority of free albums out there. Don't be expecting a new Pretty Hate Machine or The Downward Spiral, but I would definitely say that this is better than Ghosts I-IV and Year Zero. The lyrics are way short of impressive, but it sounds really rather good. It features quite a few of the more ambient tracks we have come to expect from Trent Reznor in recent years...personally, I like these - and think they show that he can move beyond 'angry young man', which would get dull 20 years into a musical career - some don't.
What pleases me most is that every song has its own artwork (which also comes as a PDF alongside the mp3s upon download). Free and pretty...bring it on!

1. 999,999

2. 1,000,000

3. Letting You

4. Discipline

5. Echoplex

6. Head Down

7. Lights in the Sky

8. Corona Radiata

9. The Four of Us are Dying

10.Demon Seed

The Slip - Nine Inch Nails (zip)

Oh, and you can also listen to the lot over at iLike.

NIN tour dates (US and Canada only for now folks).


howard said...


Amazing! Thanks for posting this or I wouldn't have found it.

I'm finding this hard to say, but these songs sound far more catchy commercial than a lot of Reznor brand music. Don't think that's a bad thing though, showing 'Does it offend you, yeah?' and 'Hadouken!' how its done. :)

Divinyl said...

No bother Howard...glad to be of service :o)

I agree that the songs are more mellow, and I also agree that, as much as like NINs' older stuff, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I don't think 'The Slip' is the kind of album that is seriously going to get under my skin, but I do like it and reckon it would be worth paying for.

Reznor's seriously trying his hand at this whole online music business shebang...he's now released almost as many online as in the 1st 10 years of NIN! Have you downloaded/listened to Niggy Tardust? I like Saul Williams, don't know if you will, but Reznor also had a hand in that.


Divinyl!!! Hey lady, sorry I've been MIA lately--I've been super busy since getting back to Victoria so I'm attempting to catch up on all my blogging duties :) It looks like you've been keeping yourself busy with all of your killer reviews so I'm go to browse through your new posts. Hope you are doing well....

Divinyl said...

Hey BB, and welcome back :o)

You are a much more devoted commentor-er than me, I am flaky and disorganised, so absolutely no worries at all! And you have a truly excellent excuse...congratulations again, by the way.

I hope that you find plenty of reading here to keep you busy :o) It's been a little bit schizophrenic lately...NIN, country, bluegrass, JAPW...but that's the way I like my music!