Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, now I've popped my blogging cherry...

Current mood: Ambivalent

Ambivalent in the true sense of the word. As in torn in two opposing directions at once. Why is being a grown up so confuddling (yes, I know that's not a word, but I like made up words even better than bona fide ones!)? As per the previous rant, I'm not going to go into the emotional business, but I do think I might bury my head in the sand and come back up when things are a bit more plain-sailing...or more likely suffocate in the process!!

Ok, so words...loving them! Anyone for a game of Scrabble? It's ages since I used to be pretty much a daily thing when I was sharing a flat, but now I fly a bit too solo. I am a girl who owns two Scrabble dictionaries (both exactly the same like...they were both bought as presents...thus confirming my geekdom) and even an inflatable Scrabble board...ace, but impractical, particularly as I don't own a pool or anything! Maybe I could invent some extreme sport involving Scrabble? Like that ironing idiocy (doing it upside down hanging from a helicopter surely still doesn't make ironing fun?). Actually, I bet it's already been done...although partaking would necessitate removing my head from the aforementioned sand and getting off my arse, so I think I may not bother for now!

I do get ever so sidetracked! So, words...I learnt a new one the other day, courtesy of Mr Scott Fitzgerald and his Great Gatsby. That word is 'echolalia', which sounds pretty beautiful to me. Unfortunately it's meaning isn't quite so canny: "meaningless repetition of another person's words as a symptom of psychiatric disorder". Slightly better is the meaning, "repetition of speech by a child learning to talk", but it still doesn't mean anything beautiful enough! Why can't words that sound great or are fun to say (yes, such a geek!) mean nice things? Like the word 'lugubrious'...I always thought that sounded like it should have something to do with water; something nice like being enveloped in warm water, or that splodging sound water makes sometimes. Sadly (no pun intended!) not...although maybe that's just because it sounds a bit like the word 'lagoon'? Other similar, in the sense that they sound lovely but mean rubbish things, words are (in my opinion) hubris and hirsute. Now 'precisely'...that's a good word...I've loved that since I was a kid because it sounds so crisp...and, onomatopoeic is the wrong term, but that kind of shizzle anyway!

As per my previous mutterings, on to rubbish telly...

As I was snoozing the other morning, there was some programme on in the background about a gay teenage prom. Eee, kids these days! All I can say lasses is good luck! Little do they know, at their age, with their as yet undiagnosed mental health problems (it's inevitable in lesbians apparently!), that the odds are seriously not in their favour in terms of being able to find a.n.other who doesn't look like a character from The League of Gentlemen! Other recent viewings have included 'High School the Musical', as shown to me by a grown (and heterosexual!) man who was singing along throughout and wanting to fast forward to the next song! Total balderdash, rivalled only in campness by the new Hollyoaks title sequence!

Talking of teenagers, I had a lovely chat with the gentleman who served me in Sainsbury's yesterday. One of the things I was buying was wine (for the last time I think...being tee-total is absolutely the way forward...I am such a dickhead in drink!) and I was asked "You are over 18 aren't you?". I chose to ignore the note of derision in his voice and pretend to myself that it was a compliment! He then offered me some kind of kids' vouchers (can you actually trade them in for your "very own braaaahn baybee"??), so I joked that I really wasn't old enough to be bearing sprogglings, which lead to a rather amusing conversation about how you only have to be 12 if you live in Blyth (where his girlfriend came from...I did not ask whether she herself was of legal age!). Blogging is about the minutiae of life isn't it? I haven't got that wrong?

I had a dream the other night about my house. In this dream I was really practical and made a list of steps to take to get it sorted. I've realised that it's not really about the tidiness (or lack thereof!) and that the reason I can't be arsed getting it ship-shape tidy-wise is because I'm too ashamed to have people over even when it's tidy because the house itself is in such a state. There's so much that needs doing to it that it overwhelms me and I just don't know where to start (although tidying really might be a plan!). Maybe not such a good buy given my general inertia! Anyway, maybe I shouldn't be reading too much into my dreams at the moment; they are really strange and vivid. That same night I also dreamt about Girls Aloud (sadly I'm not a straight man, so it didn't fulfil any latent fantasies!). I think I was actually a member of Girls Aloud...though hopefully not the ginger one! One of the brunette clone ones fell from a trapeze, to which she wasn't harnessed properly, and broke her leg seriously was minging! Do you think I should try to get in touch and warn them? ;o)

Well my cinema-going excursion this evening has been cancelled. Poor Benny, he's working such long hours at the moment. And here's me, a total waste of space, spending my days doing really not much at all. It would probably do me good to get back to work, I'm just really not sure I could hack it at the moment, because when you're there you're expected to actually be able to do your unreasonable!

Tomorrow night I am meeting a pal to look on t'internet together for accommodation in Krakow. We're going there at the end of April and I'm really looking forward to it. If anyone has been there and has any tips with regards accommodation/ents/veggie-friendly dining please let me know. Before Krakow I have a few other things to look forward to, mostly in the shape of gigs. There's Camera Obscura at the beginning of April (as mentioned in my previous blog), which Ro's going to come to with me. But before that there's DOLLY! Oh yay! I couldn't be more excited about that! And two days before Dolly I am going to see Faithless...there's nowt like a nice big musical mash-up of styles!

Ok, that's your lot for now folks. Take care all and a tout a l'heure. xxxx

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