Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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...'Same Jeans' by The View. It is annoyingly catchy. Which I'm sure means that eventually I'll just find it annoying...but, to be fair, DARE still isn't yet..! For now I'm loving it.
It makes me want to wiggle...not dance I hasten to add! I quote the Right Hon. Paul Daniels MC in saying, "I like it...not a lot"! MC, in this case, standing for 'Middlesbrough Celebrity'...there are but few and their number includes at least one of Reeves and Mortimer (I forget which one...Bob maybe?), Chris Rea (of Rea's Ice-cream Parlour fame), erm...Roy 'Chubby' Brown (oh you make me so proud!). And speaking of Royston Vasey (for that, those of you who didn't know, is the aforementioned's actual name)...why are The League of Gentlemen now so crap? I'm so disappointed in them...TV series 1 and 2...genius! Christmas Special...you're really making me laugh. Series 3 and it's only funny intermittently and the dvd-release live shows...seriously, just don't bother! And let's not start on that film! Anyway, I didn't come here to rant. Or to talk about 'famous' people from Middlesbrough (I SO think they should get Paul Daniels out into that Celebrity Jungle! He was having dinner in 'Central Park' restaurant in the Boro one night when we were there. He was bald. And teeny tiny. And had a car parked outside with the personalised registration plate MAG1C...I shit you not!). Although, before I get off that subject entirely, I shall just mention none other than THE Journey South for all you lovely gayboys out there in Blogland! And Wizbit.

The rest of them just never got out. Of Middlesbrough. Shame that.

So... visit Boro; 'tis a wonderful, welcoming place! Altogether now...and a 1, and a 2 and..."We are Teesside [please note the second 's'!], We're the future, we're the light"! Anyone remember that tripe?

Slightly better is 'Same Jeans' by The View (or just 'View' apparently in trendy MySpace land). It makes me want to use the word 'jaunty'! And we're back to where we started.

Thank you and goodnight.
Current mood: Wearing a yellow sweater and thinking of sunshine :o)

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