Friday, February 1, 2008

Free mp3s from Kellie The Eagle/Joy Tourette

I can tell you very little about Kellie The Eagle...except that I think it sounds good! This is the new name for the artist formerly known as Joy Tourette (she changed the name on 9th January 2008...hey, at least she opted for words, as opposed to some dumb squiggle!), who comes from Norwich, England, played her first solo gig on 20th July 2007 and...actually, that really is all I know.

Her music is beat-driven electro, with some folky influences...a bit Peaches, a bit PJ, vocals-wise, in places, a little bit Lamb. And what I've heard so far is rather tasty.

Have a listen for yourselves (all mp3s free and legal):

mp3: Metal Bird - Kellie The Eagle

And some from alter-ego Joy Tourette:

mp3: Lupine Man - Joy Tourette

mp3: Coqinelle - Joy Tourette

mp3: Autoharp - Joy Tourette

mp3: Duck and Swallows - Joy Tourette

mp3: Circles - Joy Tourette

Go to Monkey Love Records to buy the Joy Tourette EP Cassiopeia - either as a CD or to download.

Track listing for that -
01. Cassiopeia
02. Good Vibrations
03. Charms

Whilst you are there, you could have a gander at Kellie's artist page (still under the name 'Joy Tourette' at the moment)

Visit Kellie The Eagle at MySpace.


sonofsam said...

hey there,
how's it going?
I run Monkey Love Records.
cheers for the post, glad u like the tunes.
lemme know if you want me to send u a sampler or anythin : )

Divinyl said...

Hey there Sam, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it when people take the time to comment.

I've e-mailed you, but didn't want you to think me rude for not replying here as well!