Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lesbians In Tune - Sapphic songs for LGBT History Month

February is the fourth annual LGBT History Month in the UK, so, in honour of that, here we have some lesbian-themed songs for your delectation. There are 20 of 'em and each song is downloadable by right clicking on the title and choosing 'save target as'.

BD Woman's Blues - Lucille Bogan (from 1935! The "BD" standing for 'bull dyke')

Carolyn - Phranc (an amusing one)

Crimson and Clover - Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B. Hawkins

Genius - The Murmurs

High School Confidential - Rough Trade

I Kissed A Girl - Jill Sobule

If It Isn't Her - Ani DiFranco (for all the B's out there!)

Iowa - Dar Williams

Lick It - God-des and She (warning - the lyrics to this one are very explicit)

One More Hour - Sleater-Kinney

Prove It On Me - Ma Rainey (another one from an early girl)

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill

Rim Me Isabella - NEED (surely the best title for a song ever??)

She's Amazing - Team Dresch

She's My Heroine - Skunk Anansie

She's So Lovely - The Butchies

Start Leading Me On - The Cliks

Tell Me Does She Love the Bass - Lesbians On Ecstasy

Where the Girls Are - Gossip

And a further 10 that aren't really lesbian songs, but could be with some interpretation!

Christobel - Joan As Police Woman

For Me and My Gal - Judy Garland (for all friends of Dorothy - what would a list of gay songs be without Judy?)

Gloria - Patti Smith

Just Like A Woman - Charlotte Gainsbourg and Calexico

Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson - Alison Krauss

Oh My God - Pink, featuring Peaches

Past the Mission - Tori Amos (just for the line "I once knew a hot girl")

Secret Love - Doris Day (a coincidence that, in Calamity Jane, she sings this as she is shacking up with Katie? Calam was a butch dyke if ever I saw one! Come on, there is even a line about daffodils!)

Starpower - Sonic Youth

When She Loved Me - Sarah McLachlan (actually a song from a toy to its owner, from Toy Story 2 of all places...but taken out of context...)

And I shall leave you for now with a WTF?? I can't believe this book (below) exists!


ZenDenizen said...

I used to love that Jill Sobule video!

Divinyl said...

I have to confess that that song is one that I only came across when I was researching for this post! I'm going to head over to YouTube for a gander!

Divinyl said...

Is that Fabio????????????!!

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Is that book for real? Hilarious! Remind me to check it out at the bookstore next time I'm there (just joking) ;P