Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Free music! Brooke Waggoner 'Fresh Pair Of Eyes' EP

Oh I do like free music! Whilst I am a big CD-buyer and find that there's something much more lovely about actually owning the piece of plastic (and don't get me started on vinyl...even better!), the internet and mp3s is such a great way to check out new stuff. I particularly love it when the artist themself has released free music for us all to enjoy.
In this case, the reason I am having my mini-rant (i.e. support the artists...BUY the music!) is that Louisianaian Brooke Waggoner has released her EP Fresh Pair Of Eyes online for absolutely nada! And it really is rather good, which puts it head and shoulders above most of the rest of the free EPs/albums being offered out there.
Ok, so it adds little new to the pool...more folk-lite female singer-songwriting...but the songs are well written and nice to listen to, and therefore worth acquainting yourself with and adding to your playlist seeing as you can explore it for free!
To download your own copy, go to Brooke Waggoner's website (you will need to enter your details...including a US zip code, so that may require some slight bending of the truth...I just typed my UK address with '90210' and it worked. Snigger). The songs download as a zip file...6 of 'em. Hush If You Must is a pleasing opener, which incorporates handclaps...which is a great start in my book...and the rest are good too. I will not go into bios and such, as I would only be rehashing it from the one on the page that I have just linked you can read it for yourselves!
If you would like to have a listen to her music before deciding to download, you could visit her MySpace page. Four of the songs there are from this EP, plus there is a track called Christmas Moon.
For more free music, you could check out Danish band Dynamoe. I must admit that I don't like their stuff as much as Brooke Waggoner, but it is still of a higher standard than the majority. It's kind of shoegaze-y electronica type stuff...which I know doesn't elucidate the matter a great deal! They are offering up their whole album In The Wake Of Time for free download here. And again you can check them out on MySpace first, before deciding whether to clutter your computer!

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