Thursday, January 24, 2008

Those Dancing Days...I can't stop listening to bubblegum pop!

It is not very often that I write about pop music, but this is one bandwagon that I am definitely going to be leaping on. This is Those Dancing Days.

A teenage, all girl, five piece from Nacka in Stockholm, Sweden, these lasses make the most infectious girl group sounds that these ears have heard in a long long time. This is the music that all girl groups should be making...sod your Simon Fullers.

Those Dancing Days sound like Crash by The Primitives, or a modern Shangri Las, i.e. 60s girly pop for today. But there is more to them than just that...we hear some Northern Soul, some indie, and some sunshine! We have Hammond organ, synths, drums, great vocals courtesy of Linnea Jonsson, and a lot of catchy upbeat songs. This is as sweet as a cake with pink icing...but not toothache sweet.

Expect big things from these girls. Their single, Hitten (video below), will be released by Wichita Recordings as a single on January 28th. If you can't wait that long, you could do a lot worse than getting your hands on their domestically-released five track EP...every one's a corker. And there are two of them for you to sample for yourselves below.

Roll on summer! (Which, incidentally, is also when their debut album is likely to land).

Video for upcoming single, Hitten

mp3: Those Dancing Days - Hitten

mp3: Those Dancing Days - Dischoe

For good measure, included below are the song that the band were named after and an aptly named one from Carla Bruni...the latter just because it is lovely.

mp3: Led Zeppelin - Dancing Days

mp3: Carla Bruni - Those Dancing Days Are Gone

Show them some love on MySpace.

Buy their five track EP (it's pricey because it's a Swedish import, but it's SO good!)


ZenDenizen said...

"sod your Simon Fullers"

LOL Amen to that...

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

OK, I must agree--these young ladies pump out some extremely catchy tunes. I'm just on their MySpace right now and I'm really getting into "1000 Words" and "Discho"...good call!