Sunday, June 15, 2008

The weekly round-up from over at Star Maker Machine - Advice

Artist: Tad Lauritzen Wright

The theme in the week just gone over at the collaborative blog Star Maker Machine was 'advice'. There were a total of 45 posts and 71 tracks, so there's plenty over there to be listening to and learning about.
My posts were as follows:
- 10 more don'ts from Divinyl (with tracks from Leonard Cohen, The Byrds, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Doris Duke, Peggy Lee, Willie Nelson and Sinead O'Connor, Guns n Roses, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, The Cramps and Michael Jackson!)
- House of the Rising Sun - 4 great, and very different, versions
- The 'setting feminism back 100s of years' edition (songs from Annie Lennox, Tammy Wynette, The Exciters and Betty Everett)
- Choose Life - PF Project feat. Ewan McGregor (from the Trainspotting soundtrack).
There were tonnes of other fantastic songs posted, and quite a few I did not already know, so head over there to have a look!
Here are a further 5 from my short list (there was also a very long list!) that I didn't manage to get around to:

The new theme is 'footwear', so wish me luck! And any suggestions (although I, again, have a loooong list!) are welcome...



Hey divinyl!! I know, I've totally been MIA lately and a very BAD blog buddy :) I hope all is going fantastic in your world nowadays and I will stop by again very soon...

Name: Payton said...

Hey there.

Stumbled across your page and just wanted to say i really enjoy it - i've been looking around for over 2 hours now. i write a music blog centered around folk music as well -

thanks for the songs.....

Divinyl said...

Hey BB...good to hear from you :o) Absolutely no worries at all, as I have also been extremely rubbish! I hope you're enjoying being a newlywed?? I have been checking your blog for updates, and I'm glad to see you're finally back. Am going to make a day this week to properly catch up on everyone else's blogs...once I've caught up on my own! Lol.

Divinyl said...

Hi Payton...welcome and thank you for the compliments! Glad you like my blog, and I hope that you will return. I will definitely mooch on over to have a look at yours as well...if it's about folk music there a very good chance that it will be just the ticket!