Friday, June 27, 2008

SUPER-exciting news from the Throwing Muses camp!

There isn't much to tell just yet, but word is out from Kristin Hersh that there will be a new Throwing Muses album in the new year - their first since 2003. Kristin had the following to say with the posting of her most recent song, Moan, over at CASH Music:

"Moan" brought to life a fistful of Throwing Muses songs. I honestly didn't think I would ever write another Throwing Muses song. For some reason, I assumed my guitars were only capable of bringing about convenient music. Of course, music is hardly ever convenient. It imagines you have nothing better to do than serve it. It not-so-gently suggests that you refrain from eating and sleeping and paying the rent until you've given it everything it asks for.

Which is fair, 'cause it only asks for physicality and sociability. It needs a body (no matter how long it takes, how much it costs and how many people it takes to get that barn up off the ground!) and then it needs to walk out into the world, wearing its new clothes, so that it can start living its new life. It pays us back in dividends by telling us what it learned out there in the ether, before we met it.

And by letting us play. The other Muses are ready to work. Which is maybe a past life re-visited, but it's also a dream come true. Songs don't know the word "past", anyway. Songs are forever now.

I asked Kristin a little more about this, excited and disbelieving of what I had read. She responded by saying:

Thanks for being so excited...Yes... I've been practically assaulted by Muses songs for the past couple of weeks. I'm not sure what's responsible for this but it's been pretty intense. Our house is upside down.

I immediately got in touch with Dave [Narcizo] & Bernie [Georges] -- and they're willing. So sometime this fall we'll get going on the record and will try to have it out in the new year.

I will endeavour to keep you updated, and you will also be able to find out more information, as it becomes available, from Kristin's new website and/or by registering for e-mail updates from the Throwingmusic website.

If you can't wait until next year, there are free downloads available, also at Throwingmusic or, of course, you can buy their previous albums.

Here is Hersh's latest digitally-released song Moan:

Moan - Kristin Hersh

If you like it, be sure to head across to CASH to put some money in the tip jar!


howard said...

wow! thats pretty impressive. nice bit of journalism there :) excited 'bout that album. think they'll tour the uk? will they be under 4AD still?

Divinyl said...

Thanks Howard. No further info than that which is in the post currently. Not sure about touring, but if Edinburgh's not too far for you, Kristin's playing in Edinburgh on August 13th...I'm just trying to rope a friend in to driving up with me, and totally hope I can make it to see her!

As for guess would be no, I think that's very unlikely. Kristin's all about having her own creative control these days, and working with the ever-shifting music industry model, rather than resting on her laurels and just going with safe and traditional.

You should check out CASH Music if you haven't before...that's where she's been posting her new (solo)tracks.