Friday, October 26, 2007

Acceptable In The 80s

The Cadbury's Wispa is back!

As, it would seem from an advertisment during a recent evening's televisual viewing, are Sylvanian Families (which was something I desperately wanted as a child!).

This, apparently, is the Wildwood Family grandparents!

Bananarama were on This Morning the other day (without Siobhan, who was always the best one), and Facebook is heaving with '80s kids' tv' quizzes.
Next week I shall mostly be wearing a flourescent skirt over my cycling shorts...and moaning about Margaret Thatcher!


Preposterous Ponderings said...

You can't forget the legwarmers with your skirt and cycling shorts!

Divinyl said...

Stripey ones...I'm onto it! ;o)

Pablothehat said...

..or mincing round your handbag wearing ya boob tube....LOL

Divinyl said...

What on earth are you doing up at this time Pablo?? I still haven't gone to bed yet, having spent a lot of yesterday sleeping off a hangover! I am mid- new blog and steeling myself to tidy my house so I can get a plumber round on Monday (it really is that bad!).

ZenDenizen said...

Which one is married to Andrew Ridgeley?

Divinyl said...

It's definitely not Margaret Thatcher...that much I am sure of! It may be one of the Sylvanian Families clan, however ;o)

Sad old me, I have just Googled to find out the answer for you, and it is Keren Woodward. You can't say this blog is not educational! Lol.