Saturday, October 6, 2007

Smoking, it seems, is good for you...and fun to boot!

Ah, the good old days! ;o)

It all used to be so innocent (the italics are there for a reason!)...before smoking-related litigation I presume.

 we have cigarettes being advertised by Mr Claus himself ('Have a cancerous Christmas'?)...

And if that doesn't appeal enough to the younger smoker...

...advertising bragging that this brand is a hit with the young'uns (because it's already killed off all of the older ones?).

Start 'em teeny-tiny...

Well, if the medical professionals recommend it...?

Oh, and the sporting ones...

Smoking is good for you for SO many reasons! Stressed?

Sod the bananas!

But let this be a warning to you:

About getting fat if you don't smoke!

Another bonus... gives you that healthy glow:

Hmmm...what else gives you a healthy glow?

Yay for the post-coital puff!

Don't they look satisfied?

He finished first...obviously!


Yes, he joined in too!

Pleasure ahoy indeed!

And that's all I have to say on that topic!

And remember...

...a worthy bit of advice for you boys!

It seems that, more recently, the messages have been far more subtle:,6903,1577892,00.html

They will stop at nothing to get you hooked! (This is clearly not the place to entertain the recent spate of anti-smoking advertising!).

I shall, therefore, leave you with this beauty from The Philippines:

Well, if she sanctions it...!


Pablothehat said...

LOL Loved it..hang on I need a ciggie now BBS...LOL.
I remember that early bit of relationship advice about blowing smoke into a girls face..mind you..I did't smoke at that time..I was about 10!
Nice lay out, very cool

Divinyl said...

Thank you very much :o) The layout is a little higgledy-piggledy as it doesn't come out quite like it looks when you are editing it! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment (and, yes, I too smoked more whilst composing it!). Great to know that someone out there is actually reading! x

Divinyl said...

Check out Pablo's blog on the topic of smoking at:

Or by clicking 'The Tao of Blog' in my link list.

Really interesting stuff! :o)

Preposterous Ponderings said...

I am so glad I never smoked cancer sticks!

The old Ads are amazing. People have gotten so much smarter since those Ads first appeared.

Nowadays if you blow smoke into someones face then be prepared to be knocked out. LOL

Divinyl said...

I know...nowadays it all just seems very amusing doesn't it...doctors recommending a certain brand and this being used to boost sales! To borrow a word from your good self, it is indeed preposterous. Shows how much things have changed though eh?