Monday, December 10, 2007

"Loving is highly addictive, don't start"...but I love Laura Hocking!

Thanks to Another Form Of Relief for introducing me to Laura Hocking/Laura Sings Liver/Leonie Lauder...this girl has so many monikers and MySpace pages that it simply baffles! I believe that she is called Laura Hocking, her musical alias Laura Sings Liver, I really have no idea where Leonie Lauder comes in! (Edit: I have since found a comment by Laura that elucidated on this a little; Leonie Lauder was the central character in a screenplay she started writing).

But whatever we call her, her music is really worth checking out. I haven't instantly liked something this much since...well, since I first heard Jesca Hoop a couple of weeks ago! Tee hee. This one is British and sounds a bit like...hmmm...Erin McKeown springs to mind, but it's not really jazzy like that. Perhaps Joanna Newsom? I'm sure, after listening to her, that you will be able to think of some better comparisons, as I am rubbish at all that.

I can tell you that she is 22 and based in Cambridge (at the university, no less), but beyond that I'm stuck, as there are really no details on any of her multiple MySpace pages. But there is plenty of total (across the three) there are 14 tracks available to download! My favourite on first listen through is Strongmen and Acrobats, but I plan to listen repeatedly, so I'm sure that will change!

There are clever lyrics galore, such as "I am cold as obsidian arrowheads", posh girl enunciation and colloquialisms aplenty...strangely, none of these things are annoying in the least! This is no Kate Nash (thank goodness!).

You can visit her on MySpace here (which appears to be the main one of the three), but also here and here...knock yourselves out!

Oh, and should you care to join her group on Facebook, you can do that here...and you can also listen to some live recordings over at esnips, which is where I got the nifty widget below. This girl is definitely generous!

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Update 11/12/07: Laura has confimed that she will be releasing her first EP in April...Yip-EP!


That Guy said...

sounds cool, i'll check her out right away! :-)

Divinyl said...

I really like her...I currently have Loving Kills on repeat in my head!