Friday, December 21, 2007

Sam Baker interview with Bob Harris

This is just a brief post to let you know that Sam Baker has posted the interview he did with Bob Harris, whilst he was in the UK, over on his website. For any not familiar, Bob Harris is a total country music guru, who hosts a weekly country radio programme over here. He plays some really great stuff, and it's an awesome way to come across artists that are new to you...he really does have good taste, and it's none of this godawful 'Nashpop' that is the only thing that gets played on country radio over in the States (well, unless you listen to online that is!).
You can, of course, listen to Bob's Radio 2 show online here (new show every Thursday and it's available to listen to for the following week...and where you can also, if you scroll down a little bit, currently listen to a brief interview with Sunny Sweeney about her love of Merle Haggard...check out that darling accent!). He also hosts a Saturday show, which is here (where you can also read a bit of a bio). And if you go to his own website you can have a gander at his playlists.
To listen to Bob's interview with Sam Baker, just go to Sam's website (FYI, if you don't already know, the picture on this page is of Harris and not Baker), where you can stream it in the page; there are three songs performed for the show - Orphan, Broken Fingers and Angels - so you get a bit of a chance to listen to his music too.

Video = Sam Baker singing Truale onstage with Romi Mayes and the amazing Gurf Morlix at the Great Northern Picnic in August this year.

Video = Bible with Romi Mayes taking the lead (same date - August 11th 2007).


Pablothehat said...

Ah! Whispering Bob..I use to love The Old Grey Whistle Test with Bob..First Exposure to The Tourists, Ramones..(wipes tear...)
Keep up the good work is looking good..

Divinyl said...

You are really showing your age Pablo ;o)