Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Breeders album confirmed

Whoop whoop!

4AD yesterday issued a press release that The Breeders will be releasing a new album, entitled Mountain Battles in 2008. They will also be undertaking a world tour...which I, for one, am going to try my very hardest not to miss out on!

The tracklisting is:

1. Overglazed
2. Bang On
3. Night Of Joy
4. We're Gonna Rise
5. German Studies
6. Spark
7. Istanbul
8. Walk It Off
9. Regalame Esta Noche
10. Here No More
11. No Way
12. It's The Love
13. Mountain Battles

You can read the press release over at the 4AD website and hear a track from the album (apparently for one week only) over at The Breeders' MySpace page. This track, We're Gonna Rise sounds a lot more sedate than previous Breeders offerings...let's hope that they haven't completely mellowed with age and that we still get some good ole noisy girls and guitars on the album!

A couple of tracks from their album Title TK to keep you going:
The Breeders - Huffer
The Breeders - Little Fury

You can also download tonnes more songs at The Breeders' website, where, amongst other treats, you can get the whole album Hellbound - A Tribute To The Breeders for zilch!


Preposterous Ponderings said...

Huffer he he he I like the name of that one.

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Hey, thanks for the heads-up...I love The Breeders! I'm going check out some of their new tracks now.

7-bis said...

This news is the best thing I've heard all week! I can't believe I never managed to see The Breeders live, so I'll be all over those tour dates like a rash!

I'm totally with you in hoping that there'll be a few rockers on the new album too - The Breeders were always my favourite band to pogo around to :-)

I can't wait...

Divinyl said...

As far as I have seen, there hasn't been a full list of tour dates released yet...I just hope that they're coming to somewhere near me! :o)