Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Van Morrison / Randy Newman: Meming courtesy of the old man

This post comes courtesy of Dad of Divinyl...he wanted to try his hand at the music meme (follow that link if you want/need to check out what it's all about, or indeed if you want to see my own efforts) and, in fact, was so enthusiastic about this task that he did it twice!
His answers come from Van Morrison (or as my dad put it "His Surliness the Governor of Grump, Van the Man". VM below...erm, obviously!) and Randy Newman (RN). He's a good sort, is Dad of Divinyl, and he's taught me a helluva lot about music...his record collection is his pride and joy...and my greatest envy!

1. Are you a male or female?
VM: A New Kind of Man
RN: Northern Boy

2. Describe yourself.
VM: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
RN: I'm Dead But I Don't Know It

3. Describe your day.
VM: I've Been Working
RN: Roll With the Punches

4. Describe where you currently live.
VM: Bright Side of the Road
RN: Underneath the Harlem Moon

5. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
VM: A Town Called Paradise (or Haunts of Ancient Peace or Naked In the Jungle!)
RN: Birmingham [really??] (or Christmas in Capetown)

6. Your best friend is...
VM: Someone Like You
RN: Davy the Fat Boy

7. Your favourite colour is...
VM: Blue Money
RN: Pants [Yup, it seems the sense of humour is hereditary too!]

8. You know that...
VM: You Gotta Make It Through This World (or It's All In the Game)
RN: I'm Different (or My Life Is Good)

9. What's the weather like?
VM: Full Force Gale
RN: I Think It's Gonna Rain Today

10. If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
VM: Wonderful Remark (or A Sense of Wonder)
RN: Mama Told Me (Not To Come)

11. What is life to you?
VM: The Great Deception
RN: Something Special

12. What is the best advice you have to give?
VM: Don't Look Back [Divinyl - spooky...that's one I almost had in my Elvis Costello list!]
RN: You Can't Fool the Fat Man (or I Want You To Hurt Like I Do)

13. Describe your ex.
VM: Listen To the Lion (or I'm Not Feeling It Any More)
RN: Guilty

14. Your current relationship status?
VM: I Got A Woman (or Not Supposed To Break Down)
RN: Love Story

15. What's your favourite hobby?
VM: Melancholia
RN: It's Money That I Love

16. When you think of your friends...
VM: Ordinary People
RN: Short People

17. What do your friends think of you?
VM: So Complicated
RN: Four Eyes

18. What does your current love interest think of you?
VM: Village Idiot (or Perfect Fit)
RN: Naked Man

19. You always travel with?
VM: Astral Weeks ("my favourite airline"!)
RN: Simon Smith and The Amazing Dancing Bear [some of these answers crack me up!]

20. The best way to end a long day?
VM: Twilight Zone (or Call Me Up In Dreamland or Try For Sleep or Some Piece of Mind)
RN: Happy Ending (or Relax, Enjoy Yourself)

21. Your occupation is?
VM: Russian Roulette (or All Work and No Play)
RN: The Man

22. When you grow up, you want to?
VM: Moondance [Nice one pa!]
RN: Burn On

23. What does your family think of you?
VM: Ancient of Days (or Why Must I Always Explain?)
RN: Old Man (or So Long Dad)

24. Your favourite food is?
VM: Tupelo Honey
RN: Half A Man (or Kingfish)

25. You want to be remembered as?
VM: Who Drove the Red Sports Car (or Who Was That Masked Man?)
RN: The One You Love

A round of applause is deserved methinks! All lovely, supportive, squishy comments welcome...this is my dad's very first foray into the world of blogging (although I typed it up here for him!)...he'll be stoked to see his name 'up in lights'!

mp3: Moondance - Van Morrison

mp3: Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison

mp3: Simon Smith and The Amazing Dancing Bear - Randy Newman

mp3: Birmingham - Randy Newman


ZenDenizen said...

Double meme, very impressive. For some reason, it reminded me of this post (no offense intended, just found it funny!):

Divinyl said...

Hey Zen :o) Congrats on the job, by the way...apologies that I haven't yet got around to commenting on your post about it...but I have been reading.

As for Stuff White People Like...that particular article is amusing, but I've followed a link there from your page before and I have to say that I really find the whole concept of their site a bit offensive. Each to their own though :o)


Divinyl, it's definitely looking like the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree :)

Divinyl said...

True, true BB...and a good thing, in my opinion. My dad's vinyl collection is AWESOME and he knows more about music than anyone I know! Can't stop him with this meme...he still keeps sending me more and more artists! Lol...perrhaps he should start his own meme-specific blog?