Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kristin Hersh releases 'Slippershell' via CASH Music

Kristin Hersh has just today released her inaugral recording for the project known as CASH Music - the Coalition of Artists and Stake Holders. With this venture, she endeavours to "blur the line that's traditionally stood between creators of content and the consumers of that content".
Kristin intends to write, record and post a song each month. We, as the consumers, are free to share this song as we wish - it is licensed through Creative Commons.
So what's the catch? Well, there isn't one. No, really. Listeners are, naturally, encouraged to contribute/donate money in support of CASH, in order to enable the project to grow, develop and reach more listeners. The amount donated is at the individual's discretion.
Another aspect of CASH is that conversation between artist and audience is encouraged. Hersh hopes to build a community - she describes a "read-write", as opposed to "read-only" culture, i.e. she would like to receive comments on the songs that she will be posting...she says that she will read them all...and reply too!
Not only does she invite sharing of these songs for our general aural pleasure, and of course the commenting, she advocates remixing, reworking, re-recording, and indeed the sharing of any creative output assisted by listening to this music. In the future, her intention is to release a CD containing all these songs, which she hopes will include stuff by her fans...now that's cool (I wonder how quickly I can learn to sing, play guitar, etc. etc.).
This is the very inception of CASH. Other artists will be joining in on the fun and its scope growing organically.
As for the song released today...
It is called Slippershell. It is every bit as good as Hersh's album songs, is rousing and very much worth a listen...I have it on repeat currently! You can download it directly here:

Slippershell MP3

...but I would also encourage you to visit the CASH Music website (the link is to the Kristin Hersh page, but there is a 'home' icon you can click on there too), as it promises to get quite exciting over there!

So, go on, make your friend a CD, slip (ha ha!) this baby on there...they'll thank you for introducing them to great new music. Enjoy it...and remember to give Kristin your kind words and support.

I shall leave you with a quote Kristin included in her e-mail, which embodies the intended memetic effect of CASH, and indeed blogging culture, very nicely:

"a blues player walks a song from town to town, playing on street corners, in dance halls, at parties and bars. The song stays when the musician leaves, adopted and adapted to suit various personalities, voices and life stories."


--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

I just downloaded slippershell and am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm going to check out her other tunes as we speak...

Divinyl said...

Really good song isn't it? I'm well impressed. You're not familiar with Kristin Hersh? You are in for a treat! One of my faves! :o)