Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blood Red Shoes

Video = It's Getting Boring By The Sea

Blood Red Shoes are a Brighton-based two piece outfit who categorise themselves on their MySpace page as grunge/punk/disco house. This is noisy (in a good way!) female-fronted drum and guitar music. As Q Magazine put it, they are "Like The White Stripes in reverse" - the female of the band, Laura-Mary Carter, on guitar (and main vocals) and the male member, Steven Ansell, on drums (and vocals). They formed in 2005 and named themselves in honour of Hollywood actress Ginger Rogers who, during a filming session, had to repeat her dance moves so many times that it made her feet bleed, turning her white shoes red!
Their debut album, Box Of Secrets, is due for release in early April 2008.

Free, full, download tracks from their website:
mp3 : can't find the door
mp3 : stitch me back
mp3 : meet me at 8
mp3 : victory for the magpie
mp3 : bless his heart

MySpace - where you can also download a further mp3 (How To Pass The Time)

Listen to if you like (or check out if you like this and haven't heard of the following): Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Elastica (my favourite songs by them, Connection, Waking Up and Car Song are not, however, on their MySpace page), Erase Errata, The Long Blondes (who again fail to include my favourite song by them, Appropriation, on their MySpace page), Giant Drag.


--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Yeah, I'm really a fan of the whole stripped-down minimalist sound of a guitar/drums duo, so I'd definitely love to check out more of their work. I honestly dig your taste in muzaac--it's just refreshing in the face of the current EMO onslaught that makes me wantna poke my eyes out..LOL! Also, I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs--Karen O's vocals are killer! By the way, are you into Metric at all?

Divinyl said...

Metric...I love 'Dead Disco', but I'm afraid I really don't know much beyond that (and I have Pandora Radio to thank for introducing me to that)...sounds like I should check them out a bit further eh? You heard Robots In Disguise? If so, what do you think of them?

As for Blood Red Shoes, there's 6 free downloads available, so you can give them a really good listen...their song 'ADHD' is also pretty good, and you can find that on YouTube.

It's great to have someone reading who also likes a wide variety of stuff!

Moonlight P said...

...Metric are good, check out the song Monster Hospital! and love Robots in Disguise and Blood Red Shoes! all bands I play very regularly on my show! xx

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

I think Robots in Disguise are pretty dope. I've only hear like three tracks--La Nuit, Djs Got a Gun, and Turn it Up--but I really dig their sound...sometimes housy, sometimes melodic, with that synthesizer in the mix. I'd like to hear more--any suggestions?

As for Metric, I'm a huge fan. Check out Raw Sugar (kind of Esthero-esque), Combat Baby, Poster of a Girl--a few songs of note...

Divinyl said...

Ooh, I'll do my best to check out all of these suggestions! BB...reckon you might also like Lost Idol. Moonlight...sounds like you've totally got your finger on the pulse music-wise...your show sounds great! And I am VERY jealous that you have been to see Joan Jett!

Moonlight P said...

Bamboo- other good Robot in Disguise songs include Bed Scenes, the Sex has Made Me Stupid and their cover of You Really Got Me!!

Anonymous said...

You are really educating me as far as music goes.

I have learned about so many new musicians and such thanks to you!

Divinyl said...

Aw thanks PP...I hope I can continue to do so :o) x

--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

divinyl and moonlight, thanks for your suggestions! I'll definitely check that stuff out...