Sunday, November 11, 2007

Free Game Download - Sam And Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die!

Can you see yourself in the Oval Office? Want to control the US budget and, er, send Abraham Lincoln's credentials to a dating agency? Then this is the game for you!
On November 5th, Telltale Games announced that they were releasing Sam and Max Episode 4 for free download. Season 2 of the game is just about to be released, so this is presumably to stump up some publicity...and it's working, because it's not something I had ever heard of before (I found this courtesy of Jay Is Games).
As I have said, this game is completely free...and it kept me entertained for a good few hours...even though I am an impatient soul and sourced for myself a walkthrough (really not in the spirit of things, I know, but my attention span is short! I'm sure I missed some good bits in doing so). This game looks great; the graphics are really nice and the interaction very easy and natural (it's all just point and click, so you only even need one finger!). It is really quite clever in parts and sports a healthy dose of cynicism (N.B. At times this could offend some, and is not suitable for young children).
My favourite bits: Self-loathing Weekly magazine on sale in the shop; the suggestion of putting a parking garage in George Washington's forehead at Mount Rushmore; the US flag with one extra star stuck randomly on the top for 'West Dakota'; 'Urine Shrimp' Buy One, Get One; and...the song! I won't spoil that's very Team America.
Ok, so (I think) we've established that this is worth having a shufty at, given that it is free, but there are also bad points to note.
The loading times between areas on this game can seem can make it pretty tiresome moving between scenes to try things out. Be prepared to spend a lot of time clicking on things that don't help you progress (but which can still be quite amusing)...there's a lot of trial and error in this, unless you are a bit fat cheater like me! You will seriously need some patience and time on your hands. The little rabbit, Max, can also get somewhat annoying (I got particularly sick of him saying "Where we goin', Sam?" and that's not to mention his 'wise' cracks!).
Saying all of this, you are able to save progress at any point, so when your clicking finger gets RSI and your eyes turn square, you can leave your computer and have a bit of a, really!
You can download it here (and for you other party poopers out there, here is the walkthrough that I resorted to).
So what are your favourite bits?
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Preposterous Ponderings said...

Awesome Blossom! Thank you!

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Divinyl said...

It might be quite a bit later if you are planning on playing Sam and Max! ;o)