Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have been memed

I'm not sure Bamboo Blitz realised the anguish she was about to put me through when she did this (seriously, I will agonise about my responses for eternity), but I shall try my best. I desperately wanted to join in on A Guy Who Talks To A Pigeon Called Frank's idea about the soundtrack to his life, but I just couldn't commit brain was so boggled by the enormity of the task that it nearly burst! And so, to my response to this particular meme (disclaimer: I have responded to this immediately, or I will worry too much about it, be editing ad infinitum and never get round to it, so these are by no means definitive answers...this is a 'top of my head' response!):
8 things I am passionate about:
- Film
- Good, and intelligent, conversation
- Literature and good books
- Writing - my ultimate dream would be, one day, to work as a print journalist
- Equal opportunities and rights
- Healthy debate (those lacking in sense of humour need not apply)
- Art and architecture (at a pleb/layperson level)
8 things I want to do before I die:
- Visit Tokyo, Canada, New Zealand, Austin and SO many other places!
- Overcome my phobia of needles (therefore allowing me, also, to expand answer number one)
- Live, at least for a time, in San Francisco
- Achieve some modicum of respect as a writer/journalist
- Know what it is to truly be happy
- Find the courage to be a club singer for a night!
- Have my dad really understand just how much he means to me...I'm pretty sure he has no idea just how great I think he is, even though I've tried to tell him
- Find someone who loves me for me (and because of, not despite, my faults), and in turn find someone I can love deeply and with all my heart (yes, sappy, I know)
8 things I often say
I struggled with this one, and therefore I have used my prerogative and changed it to:
8 experiences that have changed the way I view the world:
- The Staatliche Museum in Amsterdam - I was so overwhelmed by being in a room with paintings by Mondrian, Kandinsky, Van Gogh all at once; it was absolutely mind-blowing (and no, I was not on any mind-altering substances!)
- Visiting San Francisco for the first time - I have honestly never seen a city (or a place at all, for that matter) so beautiful
- Realising that I LOVE country music!
- Amoeba Music - the mother of all record shops (the second time I went to San Francisco)
- My first experience of love (as in romantic love)...and my first experience of serious lust - the latter has never, I don't think, quite left me; I left the former!
- The first time I heard The Pixies
- Ditto Tori Amos (at the age of 12 or 13)
- Discovering Asian, particularly Japanese, cinema - Tartan Asia Extreme rocks my socks...Ringu, Tetsuo and other films have changed the way I view film in has Ichi The Killer
8 songs I can listen to over and over again:
(This really is just an initial response, and is in no particular order)
- Touch the Hem of His Garment - Sam Cooke
- Fever - Peggy Lee
- Protection - Massive Attack
- Down Under - Men At Work
- Anything by Paul Simon! (Ok, so I cheated a little with this one!)
- Ladyfingers - Luscious Jackson
- Abraham, Martin and John - Marvin Gaye
- Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
(and only just booted off the list was Why'd You Come In Here Looking Like That? - Dolly Parton)
8 things that attract me to my best friends:
- They are genuine, honest and trustworthy
- Great sense of humour
- Intelligence
- Quirky individuality
- Lack of pretence or BS
- They 'get me', or if not, accept me as I am and find my foibles amusing and endearing!
- Easy conversation - by this I mean someone I can chat to until the cows come home!
- Passion - it doesn't matter what they happen to be passionate about, as long as they are passionate about something
Phew! So are the rules that I have to tag a further 3 people?
I don't 'know' very many people in the blogosphere, but the three names I am going to proffer are:
Do your worst!


--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Wow, you spilled your guts with soul! Hope it wasn't too painful for ya cuz i dug reading it...

The Guy Who Knows a Pigeon Called Frank said...

"Anything by Paul Simon" - you rock! :)

and as for your dream about being a journalist, I AM a journalist and you definitely should be one. You are an amazing writer and obviously have a huge understanding of music, plus you're passionate about it. This is what you SHOULD be doing!

Pablothehat said...

Well cheers if I haven't got enough to do and getting earache all last night about how I am neglecting her needs, how I am spending too much time on the fucking computer, that I am never going to make any money at it, that I am wasting my I have to make loads of shit up to make myself interesting....
And then I have to deface my blog by putting it on there I guess? Is that right?

Divinyl said...

Bamboo Blitz - you are a bitch and you know it! Lol. Still, I suppose it gave me the opportunity to do something a little different than I normally would! Let's see if the other suckers I 'tagged' continue the meme!

'Frank' - I LOVE Paul Simon! He is amazing. If you have a look in my archive for a post called 'My desert island disc', I'd be interested to hear your response. My choice was always Graceland, but I've switched allegiances, as I realised Graceland was ridiculously short!

And as for your super-kind! Thank you so much. I am very jealous that you get to do such a great job...I fear that it is out of my reach, but this is truly lovely feedback.

Pablo - my chum, my old cocker, my buddy. Yep, you do have to deface your page...I had to, why should you get off scot free? Be community-spirited! ;o) I'm sure you won't have to 'make up' anything, as I reckon you are pretty interesting already. (Tip: Make your responses lovey-dovey, show your partner...two birds, one to speak!). x

Preposterous Ponderings said...

Very interesting! I enjoy lesrning
new things about my blog buddies.

Divinyl said...

Gina - feel free to ask away! :o) (I didn't include you in the whole 'tagging' business as I knew you'd already done this one).

Grizzly Brears said...

Hi DV,

That was a great piece - very entertaining and enlightening. I'm glad you tagged Pablo - I'm sure we are all in for some interesting answers from that corner! Lol

What? No Tony Bennett and you are a San Fran fan... ha.

Divinyl said...

Hi Grizzly...welcome to my blog :o) And thank you for the kind words. Pablo...I'm sure he is going to huff and puff about this, but I too am interested to see his responses.

As for Tony Bennett...erm...

Lol. It would seem I mistakenly left out Scott MacKenzie too...oops! ;o)

Divinyl said...

Aargh...agonising as predicted. I can't believe I left off Waterloo Sunset or A Case Of You from my song list :o(