Friday, July 18, 2008

Face off with Facebook - getting the message across

This rocks my socks. Teresa Valdez Klein of was so pissed off with the number of targeted weight loss ads on Facebook that she decided to do something about it. Shelling out $5.00 per day to place her own advertisement, she came up with the above. When clicked, viewers are taken to the Love Your Body Day website.

Holly Combe referred to it as 'subvertising', which I think is a great term!

It warms my cockles, it really does. What a positive message! And somebody that is actually taking some action. I am seriously impressed.

Body and Soul - Billie Holiday

Got Body If You Want It - Gossip

Advert - Blur

Weight - Sarah Slean

Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Jimmy Cliff


Tom said...

Yep. She did a good thing.

Heather said...

Oh thank goodness someone did something. This is brilliant!

Divinyl said...

It's a great message isn't it? :o)

ZenDenizen said...

I was thinking of doing a screen capture and blogging about it as well. I hate logging into Facebook everyday and seeing an ad that says "Mid 30s and overweight?!" I mean really...