Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Morning Benders - The Bedroom Covers

I'm just stopping by with a quick post to clue anyone in who doesn't already know about The Morning Benders' The Bedroom Covers. Just like it says on the tin (or the album front at least), this is indeed cover versions of well known songs that were all recorded at their home. It was released over at their blog yesterday and already seems to be proving rather popular.
And the songs that they have covered are corkers:
1. Crying - Roy Orbison
2. Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon
3. Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love? - The Ronettes
4. Lovefool - The Cardigans
5. I Won't Share You - The Smiths
6. He's A Rebel - The Crystals
7. Marie - Randy Newman
8. Fools Rush In - Johnny Mercer/Rube Bloom
9. Temptation Inside Your Heart - Velvet Underground
10. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
11. Pull Up the Roots - Talking Heads
12. Caroline, No - The Beach Boys
12.5! Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love? (Live Daytrotter session)
It really is a good list, isn't it? And the songs here are definitely pretty lovely, particularly considering they are generally first takes recorded on a laptop in a bedroom. In fact, they are growing on me more and more, and as I listen I keep changing my mind about which mp3s to include! Oh, and it's free!
I think, despite the fact that the Paul Simon song is my definitive favourite (original) on the list, and that Randy Newman (the cover of Marie is lovely, incidentally) and Roy Orbison are further favourite artists of mine, some of the best covers here are actually:
The Talking Heads and Johnny Mercer tracks are great too. See what you think, then head across and get downloading! (Individual songs, or the lot as a zip)

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I love this album!