Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New from CSS...

CSS are back with their latest (second) album, Donkey, which was released yesterday. It's good, but I have to say that it has, to date, left me feeling a little underwhelmed/unmoved. It is fine, it is well-produced, but it is, well, forgettable. They are just not as bratty this time around, and it seems that it was this very brattishness that worked so well for them.
Part of the appeal with their debut album was the slightly ropey English and sense of naivety, even when they were singing about "arts-hole"s and suchlike. This, for me, just feels a little too polished and therefore, whilst it is an okay album, it comes off sounding a bit generic and soulless; almost as if they are trying to emulate Le Tigre but not quite managing it. However, the download single that they have provided, Rat Is Dead, is really rather good.

Rat Is Dead [Rage] - CSS (from their new release, Donkey)

And here are a couple of tracks from their previous album, Cansei de Ser Sexy, for comparison:

Alala - CSS

Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above - CSS

Apparently the B-side of their next single, Left Behind, will be a cover of The Breeders' Cannonball. Which is something that I shall definitely look forward to hearing. Maybe I'm just a stickler for tradition...anyone else miss them being called Cansei de Ser Sexy ('tired of being sexy'), rather than the abbreviation?
You can download Donkey for just £5.00 from 7Digital this week.


SdC said...

i do miss the whole name!! it was part of the fun.
btw i'm curious to hear their cover of the Breeders' Cannonball.

Divinyl said...

I agree SdC...and, despite being Brazilian, it was way more catchy than just plain 'CSS', wasn't it?

As for Cannonball...me too! It could be dreadful, but it will definitely be worth at least one listen! Lol :o)

Anonymous said...

always reminds me of cascading style sheets...thanks html

Divinyl said...

Another reason that they should have remained Cansei de Ser Sexy if ever I heard one!! :o)

KazKatoch said...


Richie said...

I agree, Cansei De Ser Sexy seem to have lost their "sound". After Bonde Do Role let Marina go, it seems like the "brash" brazilian bands are coming to an end.