Saturday, July 12, 2008

THIS is how to write a PR e-mail! Introducing Jon and Roy...

"We came upon your site while perusing the blogosphere and found you had posted some Matt Costa. We're fans of his and wanted to send you music of our own. We're an independent acoustic roots band from Victoria BC, Canada, named 'Jon and Roy' and thought our music might also be up your alley. I'll spare you the hype speech because you must get lots of new music in daily, but I'll leave some links below and a download of the album, as well as a few quick tracks for a quick sample…

Quick facts: New album 'Another Noon' just came out May 20th in North America, we licensed the title track to Volkswagen (Eos) for good or bad (it really helps us as a small indie act no matter what people think) , toured the UK in March and really just want people to hear the damn album."

They then went on to include links to their website, MySpace and Facebook pages, as well as three mp3 downloads and a link to download their album, and links to where the album could be purchased (even adding that I shouldn't feel I had to include these!).

This provides everything that a music blogger needs in one shot - no need for tonnes of follow up messages or hours of internet's all there. Furthermore, they pointed out where I could find a bio, rather than reeling off reams and reams of it in the e-mail and acknowledged the fact that I do indeed get many such e-mails. It's just that few are so well put together as this one!

I wanted to like Jon and Roy, then, before I had ever heard them. Following the MySpace link (always include a MySpace link!) to have a listen before I decided whether or not I wanted to download the tracks/album, I found that I didn't like them quite as much as I wanted to. The music and their voices are very good, it's just not really my thing. This in itself puts them head and shoulders above the majority, i.e. that the music is actually good!

I post them here as a lesson to all those other PR e-mailers, and because I really think that they may well be to some readers' taste - think Matt Costa (who I'm not especially into, I have just posted one track - however, the fact that they had actually had a bit of a look at my blog was promising), Jack Johnson, that kind of thing...laid back, acoustic-sounding, folk-influenced etc.

Flight Down - Jon and Roy

Another Noon - Jon and Roy

For more Jon and Roy, visit:

Website (where you can stream each of their albums)
MySpace, and

And buy their album:

Direct from them
At Amazon
Or on iTunes

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