Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Just Joans and the wonderful world of wee POP!

Petite and pleasingly-packaged pieces of pure indie-pop perfection!

The Just Joans are just about the most Glaswegian thing that I have ever heard. They sing in broad Scotch accents, make reference to 'the local', 'the telly' and the general humdrum of life. But strewn amongst the lyrics about Tesco's and Asda are mentions of Murakami and 60s Woody Allen box sets. And there's some recorder!
This has a 'made it in my bedroom' feel and is super lo-fi...but I make no mistake in using the word 'super'. The songs are well-crafted, original and memorable, and it is almost too cute...but thankfully only almost. It really is marvellous.
In one sense it reminds me of Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - boy/girl vocals where she is apple pie sweet and he is slightly off-key (in the nicest possible way). And fortunately all the aforementioned references do not come across in a know-it-all Lily Allen or Kate Nash kind of way, even when you factor in the sound clips of, e.g. Davina on Big Brother.
Hey Boy, You're Oh So Sensitive is an EP/mini-album of 7 songs and comes in at just over 20 minutes. A delightful 20 minutes that I just can't stop replaying.

Hey Boy, You're Oh So Sensitive

And a bonus, earlier song from The Just Joans:

Belshill Station (from the now sold out Virgin Lips)

And have a listen to a few more tracks over at their MySpace...where there are even a few available to download.

If you are not familiar with wee POP! Records (the label on which Hey Boy, You're Oh So Sensitive was released), then I am here to rectify that. You definitely should be and are in for a treat. This is what being a music-lover is all about. wee POP! is Camila and Thor, who are based in London and release limited-edition runs of music by bands that they love. The discs arrive in a care package of gorgeousness - even down to the included sweetie!

The CD covers are hand-crafted and individually numbered (you even get a little 'certificate of authenticity' with the print number of the one you have in your hands). This is all about the tactile...for those of us who, despite the wonders of digital, still like to be able to hold something in our hands, have something physical, and have some liner notes to read. These are CDs made for vinyl lovers like me, and are little pieces of design perfection and indie-pop loveliness.

And did you ever wonder what the inner, smaller ridge of your CD tray was for? Don't worry, I shall wait whilst you take a look. Well, that was put there especially so that you can play wee POP!'s 3 inch releases. Honest!

Ok, so that might be something of a fallacy, but it really is that good. The canny music, made-with-love-and-attention packaging and generally friendly feel not enough for you? Then how about I tell you that the majority of releases are just £3.00 a (wee) pop? Or that there is a 'try before you buy' kind of aesthetic, with an mp3 download available for each release over at the label's page.

Still not enough? Golly, you are hard to please! Well then, let me talk a little bit more about that whole 'limited-run' business in an effort to convince you. Only 120-160 (at least, generally in that ball park) copies of each release are produced. Once it's gone, it's gone. This is a very smart move - I have long thought that one of the ways in which the dinosaur that is the record industry (I talk of the big guns, and not the do-it-yourselfers) can move forward and attempt to embrace the future is to offer us something exclusive, something collectible, something that is personal and truly feels like it is ours. Evidently Camila and Thor feel exactly the same way.

Go on, off you go...fill your boots and buy buy buy!

I ♥ weePOP!



Niiice D, you've introduced to me to yet another stellar piece of indie pop. I'm definitely diggin what I hear...

Matt said...

Breath in.
Breath out.

howard said...

couldnt order this ep when i looked but ordered all the available weePOP! releases. they are very VERY cute things. megamoog and wonder for all are particular faves. thanks for blogging about this :)

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